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Welcome to your clubs online membership module. You can use this module to register for the club as a player, a coach or a volunteer

Setting Up
Step 1 - Create a Family Account
Each family needs to create an account with the membership module. To do this click on the Log In tab and at the foot of the page you will see where you can create a family account. Follow the registration instructions and you will be sent an email with your 7 digit pin for both your family and yourself. Please note that you only need to do this once. Once you have an account you log in with your PIN in future

Step 2 - Configuring the family
Once you have created an account you will be taken to the configure tab. Here you can add children or additional adults in your family. Each family member that you add will be given their own personal PIN however they will share a family PIN. You will be sent an email with each person's PIN after you add them

When you click on the Register tab you will see a set of tabs for each family member. From here you will be able to see all the programs that you can register for. Please note that some programs will be free so registration is complete when you complete the process. However if the program has a charge then you will only hold a spot until you have paid for it

Once you have registered for a program with a cost you will need to pay for it before your registration is confirmed. You can pay on line if you wish by clicking on the purchase tab. The club uses Pay Pal for on line payment transactions so when you are ready to pay please click on the Go to PayPal button and you will be taken to the club's Pay Pal account. From here you can pay with your credit card or your Pay Pal account

If you wish to pay by another method eg cheque, please follow the instructions published by your club. Once they have processed your payment you will be sent an email and your registration is complete

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